Healings, Teachings, Readings with Amber

Reiki Healing LondonAmber is a healer and teacher¬†offering unique healing tools to assist in letting go of the past, coming into one’s power and fulfilling one’s greatest potential.

She combines ancient healing practices and teachings with modern day understanding and application. Her clients are based all over the world.

Amber’s podcast channel attracts hundreds of listeners a month and her latest book “The Beloved- Journey to Union” is available to download here from Amazon.


Book a Freedom Session

The Freedom Sessions clear the energy field of unwanted attachments and patterns, including ancestral patterning and ways of being that may be holding you back. Click here to book

Book a Creativity Session

Book a creativity session with Amber. For all creatives at any stage in their craft: actors, writers, directors, producers, dancers, singers, musicians, artists all welcome. Click here to book

Sacred Union Sessions

Come into Union with your true Beloved. Walk the Path of the Beloved to Sacred Union within and without. Dive into this beautiful body of work here

Core Wound Healing

Deeply transformative work, focused on healing your core wound in this lifetime. Using shamanic ritual, energy healing and meditation. Read more here

A Welcome Message from Amber

Amber shares her thoughts on what healing means to her


“We have the potential to be anything, overcome anything, achieve anything we place our hearts on.

We have the power to transform our lives and this world into a sacred space of true magnificence and beauty.

Love is the fuel. Love for self, love for others and love for the sacred in all things.

And so may we all come to the know true sacredness in all things and all ways, for it shall set us free.